Think, Write & RETIRE!

Business, Money & Investing

By Dr Mani

Publisher : CreateSpace


Dr Mani
Dr.Mani is heart surgeon who uses online marketing to raise funds for sponsoring life-saving surgery for under-privileged children born with congenital heart defects.

As an Internet infopreneur, at the heart of this effort is the books he has written, over 65 of them till date. More...


Think, Write & RETIRE! shows you how to turn words into wealth as an Internet Infopreneur.  It doesn't matter if you're a retiree or a researcher, a house-wife or a heart surgeon, a student or a sales-person.  You can turn your expertise into cash in the bank - as an infopreneur!
"Excellent treatise on Internet Business, and how to actually succeed at it." - ECS Dave,

"Zero hype, rock solid information, inspiring truths, and a jaw-dropping opening statement easily sends “Think, Write and RETIRE!” to the “head of the class” when it comes to learning how to become an  information entrepreneur." -  Tana Stewart