Vital Temptations: A Heart's Betrayal


By K.L. Lewis

Publisher : BookBaby

ABOUT K.L. Lewis

K.L. Lewis
K.L. Lewis published her first book, a poetry collection titled Pure Thoughts in 2007, soon followed by her debut novel, Kendra’s Pearl, in 2009. K.L. proudly serves as an Army Registered Nurse. She earned her BSN from the University of Oklahoma and her MSN from the University of Texas-A More...



Dr. Bethany McNeal is living her dream as a pediatric resident in one of the most sought-after medical centers in Seattle. Beautiful and intelligent, she’s missing only one thing—love, which she put on hold to focus on her career after ending a tumultuous relationship. Everything changes when she meets Dr. Brent Anderson, a charming and handsome fellow resident. Despite her reservations, Bethany falls for Brent—hard. When she learns Brent is married several months into their relationship, she immediately breaks it off. After graduating residency and going their separate ways, Bethany tries to move on with another man—real estate broker and personal trainer Charles Blakely. But just when things get serious with Charles, she realizes she’s still in love with Brent, and she finds herself caught between the two men, facing a series of difficult decisions and harrowing events that will change her life forever. Will she be able to recover from the vital temptations that turned her perfect life upside down?

Love is something that every person can relate to, but… what about love, heartbreak, and temptation? What is a person to do, when faced with such a situation?