Bunco Babes Tell All

Romance, Humor, General Fiction

By Maria Geraci

Publisher : Penguin

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Maria Geraci


Meet the Bunco Babes of Whispering Bay. Every Thursday night they roll dice, drink frozen margaritas, and catch up on all the gossip in their small north Florida town. Kitty Burke is the only Bunco Babe who is still single—which is okay—but she’s thirty-five and may need to face that her image of Mr. Right is all wrong.

Take Steve. Very sexy—but on paper, with three failed marriages and a shady career, maybe not great husband material. And yes, his ring tone is “Freebird.” Certainly fellow Babes Shea Masterson and Pilar Diaz-Rothman vote thumbs down. But maybe there’s more to Steve than meets the eye? Is it time for Kitty to take a chance and hope that she can be as lucky in love as she is in Bunco?

"A steamy romp of a read whose lively characters kept me turning the pages." Haywood Smith, New York Times Best selling author of The Red Hat Club books.

This book was awesome.

There were so many real life elements in it you would swear you were there or some of these things could have happened to you or your friends. Several times I had to actually set the book down because I wanted to just snatch Kitty and tell her don’t do it! Of course, you knew she was going to do it and it would be embarrassing for her but funny to you. Even her friends added lots of interest to the story. Pilar wants a partnership in the law firm she works at. Her husband wants her to be home more. They’re in a battle of wills and both are dragging Kitty into it! Shea thinks her sex life with her husband is getting boring. They work on spicing it up but don’t expect the audience they get. There are even issues with parents getting involved in things you wish they didn’t know anything about. The humor and drama displayed in these scenes is fantastic and so real.

The characters are fun, personable and likeable. Steven is taking things slow with Kitty but he wants to do the right thing making him exactly what Kitty needs. Kitty is a bit of a ditz but when her mother is introduced you know where she got it. Each character has enough depth to make you feel as though you know them but that knowledge comes naturally and gradually as if you really were just meeting them. They have quirks and faults just like the rest of us making them come to life.

As the drama builds, you aren’t sure how this is going to end. Is Kitty going to have to leave Whispering Bay in shame? Is she going to take the money and buy her grandmother’s house? Is Steve staying or going? What’s going on with the condo development that wasn’t brought out in the beginning? You’re on edge because you don’t know and won’t know until close to the end. Once the facts come out, you realize that they are perfect and you’re ready for another Bunco night with the Bunco Babes!

As an added bonus, several recipes are given for some of the things served during Bunco night. There are also a few pages on how to play Bunco so if you want to start your own Bunco Babes, you will have all the rules to play.
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Bunco Babes Tell All is a story that will keep you laughing until your sides ache and your cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Ms. Geraci has written a novel that has an air of Sex in the City meets Calamity Jane. The book was spectacularly written with one hilarious moment after another, leaving me with a very satisfied feeling. Both Kitty and Steve are characters that I found to be well-rounded and perfect for each other, offsetting each others' personalities and complementing them perfectly.  I loved this story from the first page until the last and hope to read many more works by this stellar author who seems to write funny business like nobody else!
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5 cups!

This book had everything for me, sex, romance, laughter, and even a slight mystery, but as they say: "What happens at bunco, stays at bunco!!
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BUNCO BABES TELL ALL is a very lighthearted read. If you just don't have time to schedule regular girls' nights out with your friends, pick up this book and you just might get your girlfriend fix. The gossip, food and drinks are always flowing. Maria Geraci has created a storyline that will be easy to follow-up on in future novels.
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