Clifton Cameron

My name is Clifton Cameron and i am a writer and poet. My favourite hobbies are writing poems, short stories and I am also working on two books a novel and a book of short stories. Writing helps to challenge my energy in a positive way. The things that I like most is to use my poetry as a voice to help motivate, educate and inspire people all over the world.  

My interest in poetry took place while I was in detention. The first time I came across poetry was at primary school. Being away from family and friends gives me the desire and drives to write. I chose poetry because of its expressive nature. Most of my poems tells a story. Which i invite the reading public to listen to.

I am not afraid to tackle difficult issues or topics. The poem for my grand mother is real and very dear to me. The day my grand mother died is dedicated to my Nan and all the grand mothers all over the world. Single mother is very important and I have great respect to all single mothers who struggle on their own to raise their kids. Delinquent dads are a disgrace.

I would love to see Black, white, Asian and all nation lives as one. What a wonderful world it would be. We are all God children so all of us should live as one. I have some good work to come out after this book. Thanks for your time and please enjoy the poems.

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 God bless you all my friends and fans.

The poet.

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