Coach Ian Scott

Coach Ian Scott, is a life coach based in Lancashire, United Kingdom. He is the writer and producer of two highly successful podcast shows, which have being “Featured” in iTunes, and have being in the Top 100 podcasts in the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Japan, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Australia, and Finland.His original show is the Coach Ian Scott podcast, which covers a number of topics related to life coaching, personal development and self management.Coach Ian Scott is also the host of a talk show called Conversations with Coach Ian Scott. The center of focus for this show, is providing a glimpse into the lives and careers of professionals around the world.Guests on the talk show have included: Kelly Perdew,Winner of The Apprentice Season 2, and author of TAKE COMMAND: 10 Leadership Principles I Was Taught in the Military and Put to Work for Donald Trump; Lucy Cohen,Winner of the BBC TV business show The Last Millionaire;Monique Caradine, Talk Show Host on “Perspective”, and owner of Momentum Media Group Inc, along with many others.

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