Curtis Jackson

My background included a childhood on south shore Long Island, New York, graduating from high school in 1983. Before that there was a struggle academally as a child termed a "slow learner" with long-termed placement in special education classes. Yet the youthful talent of drawing steadingly blossomed towards enrollment in  a fine art insitution after high school. There were a number of art courses afterwards in the years to come.

My career in art and cartooning never actually blossomed in spite of continued efforts over decades. Like many my secular, creative dreams of supporting myself was put aside for less welcomed jobs, such pushing the bloom, cleaning toilets and working as a home health aide. To help cope with economic hardships I engaged in writing blog posts in news commentary of our current times.

My cartooning aspiration restirred after contributing my humorous drawings to the blog sites. The blog sites have been closed, now deleted online. The cartooning had continued however. Many of the cartoons were spared from the gone blogger sites. Some of these drawings been collected together for my first book, 57 Pages. It has been a separate aspiration to publish a book and share my artwork with others.

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