Cyndie Lepori

Cyndie Lepori-Mogavero has been doing energy and intuitive work for 30 years with passion and integrity and brings a beautiful and inspiring way to balance spirituality with common sense. In her Playshops, Cyndie addresses some of the limiting ways in which most of us think of ourselves. Her open, authentic and kind way of speaking guides her participants into feelings of joy, happiness and safety. Much of her work has been with the dolphins and their energies, and as "The Dolphin Emissary", she is a much sought after speaker and radio show guest. In working with the dolphins and their energies, Cyndie began to realize that she had to reach a much broader audience, and as a result, has authored a new book, Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker. It is about how a child’s life, seen through dolphins and other creatures of the sea, is impacted, when Billy is introduced to one of the main characters, a dolphin named Bubbles. Billy begins to see his life in a new and wonderful way, and any reader of the book whether young or old, will begin to feel better about all those questions that for some time have never been answered. Her book is now available.

Book(s) By Cyndie Lepori

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