Cynthia Brackett-Vincent

Co-editor (with Carol Smallwood) of Contemporary American Women: Our Defing Passages released December 2009 from All Tihngs That Matter Press, Cynthia has been publisher/editor of the esteemed Aurorean poetry journal since 1995


She holds a BFA in Creative Writing and an AA in Social Sciences. A Pushcart Prize nominated poet, Cynthia has judged poetry for Writer's Digest, among others. She's published over one hundred poems and nonfiction in the United States and abroad in venues such as, and Educators as Writers: Publishing for Personal and Professional Development. Cynthia lives with her husband in rural Maine where she is also owner and creator of greetings/northeast


Contemporary American Women: Our Defing Passages is nonfiction, contains over fifty articles by more than thirty-five diverse American women who revisit, celebrate, and share defining moments in their lives. Of interest to the general reader, Passages also provides a unique, much-needed new text in the field of Women's Studies/Issues.

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