Daniel Ogweno

Ogweno holds Bachelor of Education (Moi University, Kenya) and M.Phil. in Mass Communication and Media Studies (University of Bergen, Norway). He is the founder of Christ is Lord Ministries—Worldwide (Cilmin—Worldwide) and the author of a number of life-changing books including: Virtue that Counts; Lessons from the Road, A Life of an Enthusiastic Worship, The Secret Weapon Against Terrorism, The Pursuit of Commitment and many others.


He is an anointed international speaker. Ogweno maintains that he does not count on his training as a teacher and communicator to do what God has assigned him, but on the inspiration, favour and the Divine discretion.


His burning desire is to see a steady narrowing of the gap between theology and practice. His writings and teachings therefore focus on practical Christianity in everyday life. God has given him unique insights in areas like: leadership; communication; marriage and courtship; conflict resolution; worship; commitment; Stewardship, etc.


He is married to Laura Caroline Ogweno. They have three children—two boys: Victor Ogweno and Jim-Jif Ogweno and a girl: Baraka Norine Ogweno.


Ogweno and his family lives in Skien, Norway.


Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?


 Founder  of Christ is Lord Ministries—Worldwide, I am the author of 9 (so far) life-challenging and changing books. My passion and pursuit in life is, first, to make my life reflect the virtues of Christ, and second, to couch and cheer people on to be devoted to God. My burden and desire is to bridge the gap between theology and practice. Therefore, I write very practical things—using illustrations from everyday life.


I am a trained teacher. I also studied mass communication. Though these two combine well to help me in my teaching and writing ministry, I rely on the inspiration and enablement by the Holy Spirit. I am one person who believes that to God it is not our ability that is basic, it is, however, our availability.


I minister internationally in conferences; church settings; crusades; seminars and down to person-to-person. From when I was a child up to the present, I have gone through diverse experiences that I believe God uses to give me a unique insight into spiritual matters.


Married to Laura Ogweno, we have three children—two sons and a daughter: Victor (15 yrs); Jim-Jif (13 yrs) and Baraka (6yrs).

I reside with my family in Skien, Norway where we are part of Christian Fellowship Church (Kristent Fellesskap).


Describe your book ‘THE SECRET WEAPON AGAINST TERRORISM: The Only Way of Capturing 'The Most Wanted’ in 30 words or less.


Most books written about terrorism basically describe the problem. This book however, prescribes and proposes solution. It emphasises the strategy against the tragedy of terrorism.


What was the hardest part of writing your book? 


I remember immediately I started writing this book, my health deteriorated. A doctor had given me only about two more years to live. It was at the end of those two years that I felt a conviction to write this book. I didn't believe that I was dying soon, but all the same, anything could happen. I had to contend with a conflict— I didn't believe my time was up, but was that faith or was it a 'denial'? The most difficult part of writing this book was when I realised that I might not finish writing it. But thanks to God, He enabled me to weather through poor health and gave me 'flowing' insights which made the writing of this book go very fast. And by the way, I am still around, almost eight years of 'extra time' (based on the doctor's observation). 


What books have had the greatest influence on you?


As you would expect, The Bible—the best thing that ever happened to mankind. Other books that have influenced me include:

"In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do?" by Charles M. Sheldon

"The Case For Christ" by Lee Strobel.

"Destined for the Throne" by Paul E. Billheimer (among others).


Briefly share with us what you do to market your book?


i) I use internet: blogging; 'Facebooking', Twittering; 'LinkedIn-ing'; 'Wordpressing', writing articles and posting at Faithwriters.com. I provide links to my homepage, blogs and retail outlets where my books are found.

ii) I also use personal social networks (friends and acquaintances).

iii) I carry my books with me on my itineraries and wherever I go.

iv) I do ads (once in a while).


How do you spend your time when you are not writing?


I am a family man. You'd expect me to attend to my family. My 6 years old daughter, for example, always demand her time with Daddy playing "Hide And Seek."


I also take time to fellowship with brethren in both informal and formal settings. Once in a while I travel for missionary purposes. I combine all these with formal job. So, as you can see, I am a busy man.


What are you working on next?


I have multiple titles on my desk. Although I seem to be writing them simultaneously, I have decided to give priority to "The Mistake God Never Made". The others include: "The Fundamental Doctrines And Practicals Of Stewardship"; "Taking a Reject Without Regret"; "The Grace: An Ocean or a Swimming Pool?"; Swimming With Crocodiles (among others).

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