Darcy Simonson Darcy Simonson

As a personal growth guide and author, I remain transparent, teaching through personal examples, insights and experiences. I empower you to become transparent with yourself. Life is a gift and our greatest teacher. It is also a challenge and rising up through those challenges can be painful. Knowing how to interpret the events, messages, beliefs and stories that make up your life is essential to personal growth and development on all levels. When you know who you are, you can be who you truly are. My goal is to offer you tools to discover who you are, unencumbered by the past and the unconscious beliefs accepted along your journey. My desire for you is that you love yourself and accept love; embrace your unique beauty; find freedom and joy in authentic self-expression; realize that you are a co-creator in this lifetime, and that you can consciously create a life you love.

Hypnosis and meditation are two tools I combine with personal guidance to facilitate growth. Shortly after I began practicing self-hypnosis in the early 1980's, my life began to improve and my intuitive faculties blossomed. Hypnosis and meditation have helped me overcome issues such as unwanted weight, test anxiety, social anxiety, fear of public speaking, and creative blocks. It has helped me accept change, forgive, eliminate guilt, transform relationships, enhance pleasure, create art, assimilate information, step into my power, and evolve my intuition. After two decades of practicing self hypnosis and meditation I became certified as a Consulting Hypnotist.

My work combines a lifetime of self-examination, a degree and certifications, and self-guided study in self-help and spiritual principals. I have combined my experience and training in hypnosis, my intuition, artistic talents and training in Theta Healing, PSYCH-K and Reike in the creation of Insights with Darcy.

I am the mother of three beautiful young men who have taught me patience, the meaning of unconditional love, and to live creatively and with curiosity. My relationships, varied careers, spiritual practice, and educational path have been my teachers.

The Forum Publishing Company
Creative Director and News Letter Editor of a children’s museum
Host of a prime-time talk radio program, Noonday with Angie and Darcy
Entrepreneur, creating inspirational businesses including Love Beads, The Grateful Goddess, LLC., and Insights With Darcy LLC.
Visual Artist and Columnist

Minnesota State University, Mass Communication BS

Certifications include:
Consulting Hypnotist, Mind-Body Institute, Minneapolis, MN
Past Life Regression Therapy, Mary Elizabeth Raines
Advanced ThetaHealing, ThetaHealing Institute

Additional study in A Course in Miracles, Landmark Education, and many more self-lead.

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