DeLisha Sylvester

DeLisha Sylvester studied English at University of Maryland, University College. After a long career in bookkeeping and having a child, she realized that she needed more and created DS Bookkeeping and Consulting in 2012, building from many years of experience as a professional bookkeeper.

In August of 2012, after experiencing several trials through entrepreneurship and being inspired by the journey of other
women that she met, Sylvester followed a vision from God to create a
publication that showcases and helps elevate women. She looked to
form an informational platform to promote upstart businesses owned by women across the US. She was inspired by her mantra, “Be Determined, Be Inspired, Be Blessed!” Women's Elevation Magazine hopes to put that mantra to the test by promoting, inspiring, informing, and elevating the minds of the women who read it.

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