Derick Parsons

 I was born in Dublin (Ireland) on the 27-03-1966.  Ever since I learned to read I wanted to write and I completed my first full-length novel at the age of 10 (no, I don't still have it, alas; I'd love to look back now on the me that was).  That was me hooked and I've been doing it ever since, more or less, though occasionally life gets in the way. I lived and worked in various different countries for many years but Dublin always seemed like home (or at least I feel less out of place there than anywhere else) and eventually I returned and settled down.
I married Eimear on the 14-07-2001 (Yes, I had to check the date). She's the No. 1 litigation lawyer in Ireland but a wonderful person nonetheless. She's the anchor that keeps me more-or-less sane and more-or-less in the real world.
We have three perfect boys and a less than perfect dog, now alas full grown and apparently more walking toxic waste producer than dog!

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