Dianna Matsumoto

Dianna Matsumoto lives in Saipan, a Commonwealth of the U.S. Dianna teaches a community Bible study, teaches children in Sunday School, & has started an interpretive dance worship team among the youth. She has taught school in a variety of capacities, primarily with the Univ. of Maryland Univ. College in Okinawa and Tokyo, where she taught courses in English to both native & non-native speakers. She has also taught at El Monte School District, L.A. (substitute teaching), Calif State Univ., Sacramento (part-time student tutorials), Central Texas College (Asian Divisions-Okinawa & Tokyo, as an instructor), Chuo Univ., Tokyo, Univ. of Tenn, & Knoxville College.

Dianna's bachelor's degree in Sociology with a Social Work Certificate is from Meredith College Raleigh, N.C. Her M.A. in English with a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate was earned at Calif State Univ. Sacramento. Her Ph.D. in English (Rhetoric and Linguistics) from Indiana Univ of Pennsylvania.

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