Dinesh Kumar

Born in 1960 at New Delhi, India. Right from his early age he started practicing various gospel of Ancient Indian Wisdom (the knowledge drawn by the experiences of great seers).

Dinesh kumar directly transformed/motivated & touched more than five hundred thousand minds (500,000), thousands of academicians, professionals and business leaders. His lectures upon various facets of Self Development and Ancient Indian Wisdom run into hundreds and out of those 250 have been produced in the form of video documents (around 200 are available at his channel on youtube by the name gospel4learning). By way of a regular television broadcast of his recorded discourses, more than five million people have directly benefited of his knowledge. His recordings are regularly utilized by several training departments of large multinational industrial and business organizations.

He has authored several books on self development in light of Ancient Indian Wisdom.

As an ardent researcher he is always engaged in search of Ancient gospel of Ancient Indian wisdom that can be brought in use as a direct solution to the problems of today's mankind. Ancient scriptures like Shrimed Bhagwad Gita, Vedas, Upanishads and Darshan are the root of his understanding; besides he owes all credit of his knowledge to his master a great seer, whom he considers as his perennial source of all understanding.

Visiting Faculty in various Large Multinationals in India. As a Teacher/Trainer he Transforms the human insight through various program of Learning(Workshops) that are exclusively guided by Indian Ancient Wisdom. 

He spends adequate time in training sincere seekers at different places in Himalyas, India. He organizes highly impact generating retreats ranging from 3 to 10 days. The major subjects of his retreat are like Will Power, Intutive Intelligence, Gnostic Yoga (Subtler existential aspects of Human existence), Beyond Leadership,Growing within (stress related, Nachiketa the forgotten (Never give up, Ego Transformed, Miracles of Internal Growth... and few more...

Book(s) By Dinesh Kumar

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