Dominic Fahr

Started writing nx years ago as the chronicler (spin doctor) for a mercenary unit.  Graduated to being an international tax attorney (real creative writing) and now... I just write... my latest book was supposedly issued on the 8th December, 2008.  However, as so many celebrities were bring out the tales of their interesting lives (with more ghosts than Fox Mulder could ever imagine) it didn't get out until February, 2009.  (86% of the celeb books remained unsold and over 75% were pulped in March! Don't you love a happy ending?)
My latest book?  THE GAME OF LIFE
All life is a game...  but not all games are fair.
All life is a joke... but not many jokes are funny.
On her seventieth birthday Jeanie Eyre is hardly prepared for her life starting anew.  She will learn that not all those who disappear and the police consider to be murdered, stay dead.
That we are all many different things to different people. 
From around the world she will receive letters, cards and... money.  Why would a Russian FSB (the new KGB) officer be so concerned with brightening up her drab life?
ISBN 978-1-84923-220-3  £6.99 POST FREE from

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