Back when I was a teenager I was a loner. I started rewriting rhymes to fit my life but then I realized that it wasn’t me on paper, those were the ideas of that artist. That’s when I started writing my own rhymes, and what started off as just messing around turned into my own personal therapy.

Each rhyme written was what I was feeling on that particular day. As one reads, my mood changes and so do the rhymes. All the journal entries reflect what it’s like to live with undiagnosed depression. I refused to take any prescribed medication and then I resorted to self-medicating with recreational drugs.

Included in these journals are also personal letters written to my family and friends including ex-lovers. My thoughts are scattered and it’s obvious I could never make a clear decision. Every time I felt good, something would find a way to bring me down. Writing was ultimately the only thing that saved me from suicide. 

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