Dr. Francis Martin

Francis A. Martin, Ph.D., has been in professional service as a professor, mental health counselor, academic administrator, health care administrator, and a volunteer in mental health and medical agencies.  He has written widely, with several books, including Coping with Cancer, Prayers from Where You Are, Coping with Personal Crises, Vocational Guidance, Prayers for Recovery, and several others.  He is a frequent presenter at professional meetings, along with holding offices in professional associations.  With degrees from Hannibal LaGrange College, Oklahoma Baptist University, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, he also completed studies at the University of Missouri, University of Louisville, and Vanderbilt University.  

Dr. Martin has maintained his early commitment to the effective delivery of professional mental health services.  He has concentrated on his own professional development, but also on the professional development of his students, his colleagues, and members of his professional associations.  In addition, he has demonstrated his long commitment to understanding and articulating a sensible, realistic, and meaningful understanding of spirituality. 

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