Dr. Micheal J. Williams

Dr. Michael Williams has been studying the “Law of Attraction” for several years now and developed a number of techniques that he applied in his life and career.  And by using these techniques Dr. Williams was able to obtain three Doctorate Degrees, built two successful IT Companies, and has consulted for Companies and Government Agencies such as Bell Labs, NASA, and the Dept. of Defense.  Through Dr. Williams’s research he found what was the real KEY to activating the “Law of Attraction” and that is the Subconscious Mind.  So after applying these techniques for a number of years and helping others apply his techniques Dr. Williams felt compelled to put pen to paper and help his follow man/woman.  As Dr. Williams stated; there are so many people in need of a better life and they have the power to do so right between their ears, but they have neither no idea they have this power or if they do have some basic understanding of the “Law of Attraction” they really don’t know how it works.  This book “The Law of Attraction and the Subconscious Mind” changes all that.  In clear understandable language Dr. Williams explains how the “Law of Attraction” works and through his techniques provides the ability for virtually everyone to obtain what they want in life.  Dr. Williams has received several letters from people that have purchase his first edition of this book and the results have been astounding.  Multiple lives have been truly changed for the better.  Dr. Williams said, that’s all could ask for was to help even one person improve their life, and thanks to Dr. Williams many people have improved their lives and have been able to go onto great accomplishments.

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