Drew Boylhart

Drew is a 1st time author of the book, "The Draftnik". Has been interested in the Pro Football Draft since 1979 and has been writing public profiles since 2004. He didn't discover that he is dyslectic until his late fifties and refuse to acknowledge it publically until the writing of this book. It has been reported that 40 million sports fans watch or listen to the NFL Draft for three days every year. For me personally, it’s a year round endeavor.  Since 1979, Drew’s first year of involvement in the draft, it has grown and developed into its own type of cottage industry.  This is a story of how his interest in sports and the growth of the internet spurred Drew to deal with and overcome his limitations to become an expert in his chosen field of passion. Click the following links and scroll or peek into the Dyslectic Draftnik.  

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