Dyphia Blount

Dyphia is a Visionary! She believes that with God leading the way, there is no boundaries to success. She is a loyal wife, mother, and friend. Dyphia wears many hats and they all fit her profoundly. Dyphia's dream of being a best-selling Erotica/Romance Novelist is well within reach as her first book "Dicmatized: The Doctor Is In" continues to sky-rocket to new heights. She owns her own business called "Luxury4Less Credit Consulting Co." located in Hampton Roads, Virginia where she loves educating people and helping them to gain financial freedom. She writes an advice column in Urban Grapevine Magazine called "Grown Folx Buzniz" where she gives advice on relationships, love, and sex! Dyphia is also the Marketing Director for AMB Publishing where she promotes and markets for aspiring authors and other creative artist. Besides being a professional woman, Dyphia is a loving mother, wife, and friend who puts God first and knows that loyalty is everything. Dyphia has a blogtalkradio show called Dicmatized which is a grown and sexy station to get any and everything off your chest. She also has a blog called Sexualhealingspot via Wordpress.com where topics vary from marriage to sex. Dyphia is also currently managing a group on Facebook called Gemini Phoenix Review Central where authors and avid readers get together and show support by purchasing, reading, and reviewing books! This young lady has her hands full, but never stops because she believes hard work and dedication is the key.

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