Elle Young

Elle Young, born Leslie Leontyne Young, grew up on the south-side of Minneapolis, MN.   She was born in Cleveland, TN to two working class parents who decided to move to Minneapolis when Elle was six months old.  Her parents were in hopes of finding a better life for her and her two older brothers.  Elle has always had a passion for writing, starting at three years old she would make up song lyrics and ask that her family all gather as she performed them.  This passion grew into poetry and short stories, by high school Elle would ghost write love letters for her girlfriends and recite spoken word poetry before its trend.   By college she became a self-proclaimed poet but she put her passion for writing and poetry on the back burner as she focused on obtaining her communications degree.

Later, Elle entered the working force as a mortgage banker but could not relinquish her desire to become a published writer.  Mortgage banking had made her successful but writing had become her life.   Elle says, "I want to be able to do what I love in my lifetime, to wake up every morning fulfilled because I'm living my life by design."  With that in mind she took a summer off from work to complete her first book, one that she had given birth to a few years prior but knew that she had to wait until the time was right to finish.

Elle completed her first book, I'm Raising My Husband, the summer of 2013 and is currently working on its sequel.

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