Erin Austin

E. Shane was born to write.  Her passion for writing was ignited at an early age when her parents would take her and her twin sister to the library.  It was during one of those early library visits, E. Shane happened upon the book series.  The stories took her on a journey like none she had ever experienced and sparked her creativity.   With each turn of the page E. Shane found herself waiting with baited breath to experience each twist and turn of the characters.  The words came to life for E. Shane and crafted her love for storytelling. 

But alas, all good things must come to an end.  For E. Shane, the end was the beginning.  When she finished the series she found herself unable to find another which kept her passion burning. She combed the library and local bookstores but no book inspired her in the same way.  That was when E. Shane took pen to paper and began to write her own stories.  She would daydream for hours creating characters, scenarios, villains and victors – constantly weaving their stories through the hills and valleys of love, life, family and friends. 

In 2010, E. Shane debuted her first novel Heart Over Mind a deeply personal and tender tale about a young woman’s and young man’s journey to find, keep and let go of love.  


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