Ernie Vecchio

I am also the author of The Soul’s Intent and Big Tail – Small Kite, as well as the founder of the Institute for Compassionate Living. In my extensive career as a trauma psychologist I discovered that when ego or personality was stripped away, my patients had a unique opportunity to recover a truer and authentic self. In most cases, I observed them establish a relationship with soul, spirit, and ego that were aligned with their heart’s desire. I call this process mediating within or finding one’s place of compromise.  The result for my patients was a more meaningful life and choices that were purposeful and goal-oriented. In my twenty-five+ years of working with severe trauma patients, I ultimately developed a psychospiritual understanding of that which divides us all: self-judgment. I found that those willing to explore and heal this division internally discover a broader and more compassionate view of the self. The result was forgiveness and a personal freedom to simply BE. I practice in West Virginia and consult nationally and internationally.  

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