Ewa Danuta Białek

I am an immunologist, a specialist in clinical diagnostics, and a long-time researcher at the Academy of Medicine and Postgraduate Medical School in Warsaw, Poland. I completed postgraduate studies in psychology at the Summit University (USA) and a number of professional courses, including Psychosynthesis trainings (IAMOP, USA, 1992-1996) and training as a Life Coach and Master Life Coach (NLP University USA) and ACE Training (Agents of Conscious Evolution - by Barbara Marx-Hubbard - USA). I am involved also in Conscious Evolution Coaching.

For years, I looked for solution for her health problems caused by traumatic childhood experiences. Many years later they created the symptoms of diseases caused by stress.

Contact with psychosynthesis enabled me to reach the grounds of my health problems, to decode them and to start recovery. The outcome of this deep work was creation of my programs of disease prevention - "health education" and "self-education" - so that there is no need of therapy. Another effect is my exceptional creativity, which led me to write 25 books and over 130 scientific articles.

I am passionate about education for sustainable development and holistic health, creating systemic solutions for raising children, health education and health care. I created the foundation of Science of Self and Science of life in my theoretical books ("Quantum Man" and "Sustainable Child' development in light of new challenges"), and described its practical execution, such as running of my original programs, highly rated by students, both in my education manuals and my medical books ( "Health Education in Practice", "Psychosomatic, Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of the Diseases Caused by Stress", "Fibromyalgia - is there a hope to recover?")
In 1997, I have created the Association "Education for the Future," and in 2004, the Institute of Psychosynthesis, the Centre for Sustainable Human Development, which is still operating today. I am leading a lot of lectures in Poland and abroad and am involved in many international initiatives as for expl. Shift Movement. 

My SUCCESS is creating educational materials, programs, writing books (25 - among of them 14 Self-guides for self-education - HEALTH EDUCATION) and helping women in their fulfillment in life.


1. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am Polish. I have pharmaceutical and medical background, being a scientist in the field of medicine, with doctoral dissertation in immunology. I spent 23 years there, teaching students in clinical diagnosis. Since early childhood I had a lot of health problems, especially concerning stomach pain and took a lot of drugs to treat it. My childhood was associated with chronic stress, because of my father, who was a political prisoner at the time of the communist regime. My problems deepened over the years and I have had many different diagnoses. Unfortunately, the treatment did not help me to feel healthy. I was determined: how to be healthy? 
I left medicine and soon I went to the class for managers leaded by  retired professor from the University of California. In these classes, based on Psychosynthesis (psychology with a soul), I realized that I had to learn how to manage myself. I studied later psychosynthesis to understood my health problems, which I found were caused by stress (PTSD). Meanwhile I diagnosed mysef having fibromyalgia, which was confirmed at the Rheumatological Clinic.

2. Describe your book Healing Fibromyalgia: A medical researcher's personal journey out of the pain and despair of Fibromyalgia in 30 words or less. 
I present holistic approach to healing, used for myself, understanding the human body based on medicine as well using psychosynthesis approach, including my life story and its meaning. 

3. What was the hardest part of writing your book?
It was very easy, because I described only what I experienced during the way of my healing. I learned many years to understand different methods (as a scientist), so I used them consciously. 

4. What books have had the greatest influence on you?
I red a lot of books.  The most important for me was the book based on the techniques of Psychosynthesis, because she was the basis for the entire process of my healing. In order to understand the causes of The mindbody prescription Healing the Body, Healing the Pain by JE M. D. Sarno Important for me was: was the book Immunology of the Soul by Ursula M. Anderson, MD, as well as her other books about childhood traumas. For a deep understanding of human and information which is in itself - The Quantum Self needed. Human Nature and Consciousness by the New Physics – by D. Zohar

5. Briefly share with us what you do to market your book?
I have now 27 of my books. I am selling them in Poland, having big distribution platform as well printed as ebooks. I have also 3-5 platforms for only ebooks. I have two books in English and there are distributed by Lidia LoPinto and her platform

6. How do you spend your time when you are not writing?
I love nature, so I spend a lot of time being in nature, travelling, reading books. I am a psychosynthesis consultant and personal wellbeing coach. I lead also group workshops.

7. What are you working on next?
I am almost finished my 28-th book, titled: Leaders of tomorrow: New Entrepreneurship during civilization challenges. As a humanity we have to change our consciousness to understand the Nature and wounds, which we unconsciously did to it, also for humans. We have to heal ourselves to be more human to others and the Earth.  

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