Felix Padilla

A Professor of Sociology, Dr. Felix Padilla, has taught at several universities and written many academic works. Over the course of his life, personal experiences have led Dr. Padilla on a journey to attain the authentic self.

Dr. Padilla is passionately dedicated to helping awaken in people a desire to see themselves as the true shapers of not only their lives, but of this beautiful planet which interconnects us all.  This can only occur when individuals develop the knowledge and understanding necessary to become the true authentic selves they were meant to be. It is only with true self-love and ever-lasting happiness that we can contribute to the creation of a peaceful world.  It is Dr. Padilla’s mission, his authentic purpose to help other people awaken to this truth.

 Dr. Padilla is available for workshops, talks and trainings. To learn more about Dr.Padilla and his work, please visit his website at www.authenticsouls.com, or email fpadilla0606@msn.com.

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