Femi Success

Reverend Success is the founder and the executive president of The WordCup international and the President of Divine Word Academy with headquarters in ErukuCity, Kwara State, Nigeria, Africa. He depicts Holy Spirit endowment in creative writing with a rare clear-cut faculty in Christian literary field.

He is an established writer with more than two decades of writing experience. He has done more than twenty-five books and counting.

His first book "Advertising Practice with Nigeria Orientation", written when he was the C.E.O of CMBU Ltd (a leading advertising agency in the northern part of Nigeria), has become a must read for students of marketing, advertising and mass communication in some Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics. The "Advertising Practice..." and "Thank God for your enemies" (both published in Nigeria), are hitherto the best selling titles of his, each with over 200,000 units sold already and counting.

His spiritual inquest, depth and style always show in the amount of revelations contained in the content of each work done by him. His writings come with refinement, power and benefits for humanity.

His submissive close walk with the Holy Spirit has helped him to probe deep into key spiritual matters, the result of which he has communicated to humanity through many books and international Christian Journals. Many people worldwide have been saved through his writings-to the glory of God.

Reverend Success regards the Holy Bible as GOD in Paper Form, made available to tackle man's key spiritual needs of salvation, healing, deliverance, accurate prophecy for direction and blessing.

Your life will be grateful to God for meeting this Holy Spirit filled author, who speaks "from the mouth of the LORD" like Jeremiah of old-2Chronicles 36:12.

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