Fran Lewis

 am the author of three children's books. The first two are on Barnes and Noble and as well as on Booksamillion and other on line sites. My Name is Bertha is the first book and Bertha Speaks Out is the second. I have submiited my third book Bertha Fights Back for publication. The three books are about a young girl named Bertha who is over weight, not very pretty and has to deal with real life issues children face today in school. She is sassy, she is smart and she uses her intelligence and sense of humor when dealing with a mother who insists that she participates in athletic activities even though she is a klutz. She insists that Bertha always gets 100 on every test she takes in school putting excessive pressure on her. The third book Bertha Fights Back shows what happens when a good kid can't take the heat any more and she rebels.

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