Francinia Boston

Francinia Boston is a new up and coming urban/ hip-hop Author who writes for the hood. Her books relates to the life and struggles of living in the ghetto. From abusive relationships to drugs being sold to survive.

Prior to establishing her new found life as an author, Francinia worked many years as a cashier to support her four children.

Francinia is no stranger to writing, She has a passion for it.She also worked as a Security Officer for a short period of time.

Her book The Effects Of Desire was published in 2009 and will be in stores early 2010. Anyone who picks up her books will enjoy reading it. They will fall in love with the characters as they walk side by side with them through their journey. Life is reality so she writes about things that are a reality in life that includes pain, love, killings, drugs, and so forth. If she saw it, you can bet she’ll write about those things.

To contact Francinia Boston please email her at or go to also

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