Frank McNair

Frank McNairdelights in helping groups, individuals and organizations solve their problems and move forward to successfully achieve their goals.Frank can serve as a sounding board, a coach, and a mentor--or he can partner with your organization on a comprehensive training initiative or an ongoing consulting project.

Frank began his corporate life with First Citizens Bank, and then worked in sales and marketing for RJ Reynolds Industries and the L'eggs Division of Sara Lee Corporation. In his last position in the corporate world, Frank was Director of Sales and Marketing (all product lines) for Douglas Battery Company. 

Since 1988 Frank and his wife, Laura, have been partners in McNair & McNair - a training and consulting business that specializes in helping companies get the best possible results from their employees, teammates, colleagues, and associates.Frank is a sought-after speaker, trainer, consultant and personal coach and has worked for major companies across the country.

Frank is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, where he was a Morehead Scholar.He also holds an MBA from the Babcock Graduate School of Management at Wake Forest University. 

Frank is the author of two books.It's OK to Ask 'em to Work was published in 2000 by the American Management Association, and has subsequently been published in German, Arabic, Russian and Spanish editions. His second book, How You Make the Sale, was published by Sourcebooks in 2005. 

Because faith is an important part of his life,Frank studied at the Oratory in Rock Hill, SC and completed their Horizons of the Spirit program in 1993.He has also done graduate work at General (Episcopal) Theological Seminary in New York City and completed the Certificate in Spiritual Formation at Columbia (Presbyterian) Theological Seminary in 2002. 

A committed community volunteer, Frank served for four years as an unpaid Director of Development for a Winston-Salem, NC non-profit. In his non-work life, Frank enjoys sailing, water-skiing, working out and reading.  He is married to Laura McNair, the love of his life and his business partner.They share a home overlooking the woods with Gracie, a golden retriever, and Molly Brown, a chocolate lab.

Quick, expert advice in the best-selling, easy-to-read format that business readers demand.

"A penny saved, a penny earned." "Never leave till tomorrow what you can do today." Often, the advice that makes the most impact does so because it's delivered in a clear, memorable saying that cuts to the heart of the issue. For business readers fed up with long books that say little, nothing could be more refreshing than The Golden Rules for Managers.

Management expert Frank McNair distills the best business wisdom into 119 memorable nuggets that speak directly to management issues, then explains the lessons behind the each saying.

  • Paint a Clear Picture of the Target (goal setting)

  • What you Reward is What You Get (providing employee feedback)

  • Employees will Respect what you Expect if you Inspect (follow-up)

  • A Plan Is Not a Straightjacket (flexibility in execution)

  • The Madder You Get, the Dumber You Are (self-management)

Packaged for visual impact and easy reading, The Golden Rules for Managers is the new golden standard in management guides.

"The smartest move you could make would be to hire Frank McNair. If you can't hire him, buy this book!" -Ty Boyd, Founder, Ty Boyd Executive Learning Systems

This book is a must-read for business owners and managers who are looking for straight forward and timeless information to improve productivity among their employees.

Richard Brenner

CEO, Amarr Garage Doors



Leave it to Frank to make you smack yourself on the forehead again and again with "That's brilliant!" Full of practical, good stuff you'll use every day!

Jerry Hancock, Managing Partner

AlexanderHancock Associates


I’ve read thousands of books on sales, marketing, management etc. but rarely ever read a book twice.  I have read two of Frank’s books three times.  

Maury Kennedy, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Palm Harbor Homes


Frank McNair, who I have been privileged to engage for nearly 20 years, provides tools that are actually usable by all level of managers.  He remains the one consistent part of our entire training approach.
Jeff Mick, President
Amarr Garage Doors

Frank gets it! Many other management and leadership consultants do not. Several years ago I went to a bookstore and purchased 11 books on management and leadership. I read them all. Frank’s resonated with me more because it had the most common sense, was the most executable and the most achievable. Frank has worked with our team on an on-going basis through one- and two-day seminars since then.


Larry Connor, President and CEO


The Connor Group


If Frank McNair writes it...Read It!  His writing is filled with sales and management pearls that can help anyone at any level within your organization. 

Arthur A. Geary, President

Halpern Eye Associates


Frank McNair's straight-forward, pragmatic information is to the point, is easy to apply, is relevant and will continue to be relevant 10 years from now for companies such as ours.  I use the techniques at my own company.
Chris McSwain, Director, Global  Benefits

Whirlpool Corporation


Frank McNair captures the very essence of what makes good managers into great leaders.  And he does it in a way that allows the reader to remember and put into action.  A must read.
David Moff, SPHR, Chief Executive Officer
The HR Group, Inc.


"Frank has a gift for distilling profound management wisdom into pithy, memorable, and often humorous nuggets. The managers that he teaches and the readers of his books come away with a treasure trove of practical advice on how to be more successful. Frank's passion for his subject and for his clients' success comes through in every line."

Emmie H. Alexander, Partner

AlexanderHancock Associates


As Senior Vice President I have found Frank McNair's management insights and perspectives of running an organization extremely insightful.
Marty Krcelic, Senior Vice President
TBC Corporation


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