Homar Solano

Homar Solano was born in Los Angeles, California, although within a year his parents brought him to Chicago, Illinois, were he grew up and currently resides, with four brothers and two sisters, plus a father and a mother that inspires him to write on a daily basis.

His great devotion for history and science and literature, incline him to get curious while his sister read a complete book in one setting, uninterruptly. His mind began wandering what was that, that made people immerse themselves completely inside a book. He went to read various books until he got hook up with suspense and thrillers; he then went adding paranormal, urban, chick-lit, and fantasy to his most-read books. His passion for reading has grown over the years, leading him to be highly immerse into reading and writing.

Enchanted Moon is his first novel.

Book(s) By Homar Solano

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