Honor Amelia Dawson

Honor Amelia Dawson

When you open any of my Novels you will be faced with a personal mug shot! Beneath this a brief outline of my personal life, nothing to hide there then!

I lead an uncomplicated existence I write about some of this on my wordpress blog which is steadily expanding with several topic categories.

I have been writing Family Mystery Thrillers seriously for 5 years. I started from scratch as previously I was a senior software developer and systems analyst for a large bank.

7th February 2014  Attained a major  personal landmark!  I reached 1.2 Million (edited) written words, it gave me the proverbial "shot in the arm"  I oozed with profound satisfaction.

I have created 9 full length novels averaging 100,000 + words.

My style of writing is both plot and character based with a distinct female bias, I  create women protagonists with strong personal traits retaining their fundamental sensitivities. My men are not excessively masculine they retain the male strengths with various character blends that make for interesting interactions,

I am very particular about the construction of my storylines, My approach has developed after years of reading many of the best fiction titles including psychological horrors, fantasy, legal dramas, high calibre science fiction, general fiction, mysteries and thrillers.

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