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Forgot Your Password? The Internet Password Organizer can help!

Stop writing your important log-in information on the closest scrap of paper you can find only to wonder where you put it later. The Internet Password Organizer frees you from having to record your usernames and passwords on an assortment of post-it notes and dinner napkins once and for all by providing you with a single centralized location in which to store them.

Each book features our award-winning layout designed to optimize workflow and keep you surfing, not searching. 122 alphabetically organized pages assures you won't run out of space anytime soon.

Each book includes bonus sections that allow you to store information about your Internet Service Provider, Home Network Configuration, Product Licenses, and other relevant notes that will help you bring your computer back from the dead should the need arise.

The Internet Password Organizer has been recognized by the world's best known Certified Professional Organizers and Internet Personalities as the most efficient way to safely manage your online identities.

Discover why thousands of people depend on the Internet Password Organizer. Visit us at

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