J.M. Jeffries

J.M. Jeffries is the award winning writing team of Miriam Pace and Jacqueline Hamilton.Authors of romantic suspense and romantic comedies, they can’t decide if they like killing people more than the like making them laugh.Miriam and Jackie have been writing together for fifteen years, though it seems longer on occasion when they are on deadline.Miriam thinks Jackie is a master manipulator.Jackie knows Miriam is a bulldozer.Miriam has a deep and passionate love for shoes, amber jewelry and purebred cats.Jackie collects red lipsticks, Animaniacs memorabilia and steals pens.

Together they’ve written over twenty-five romance novels including the award winning Cold Case Crime Unit series, the critically acclaimed Cupid series and the Emma Award winning book Vegas Bites.They have also appeared in a number of anthologies.

Miriam and Jackie live in Southern California.

Book(s) By J.M. Jeffries

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