Jack Hatfield

Jack Hatfield started his career in the technology field where he boasts of some incredible success, not withstanding his unyielding customer support. He has always went above and beyond to help his fellow man and his new path after the birth of his daughter will help him reach millions more.

Some of his achievements in the technology field include: Engineered one of South Carolina's largest gigabit backbone network; Developed, built, and marketed six lines of computers, selling 9,000 of these computers nationwide and established three branches over course of six years; Created and grew global ISP business to $2 Million profit center in 21 months to become the largest and first all digital internet company based in South Carolina; Built $100 million organization's network by designing, developing, configuring, and installing new features.

Couple all of the above with a dedication to hard work and his years of "sweat" equity and you have a powerful mentor.

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