Jack Regan

Jack W. Regan has writing in his blood. His mother being a writer and English teacher, it wasn't long before Jack was trying his own hand at creative writing. At sixteen he won 2nd place in a national essay contest and was editor of his high school newsletter. At college he served on staff at the campus newspaper and, the next year, was promoted to editor-in-chief. Once out of college he continued his love affair with words and in 2004 began a popular online book review service. In 2007 he withdrew from reviewing to focus all his attention on writing. The next year he published Duke Dookums, Frontier Hero, a zany western for young boys, and contracted out for some non-fiction works. Regan is also an annual judge in Baker Trittin Press’s Tweener Time International Chapter Book Competition. T’Aragam is Regan’s first juvenile fantasy novel.

Book(s) By Jack Regan

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