Rev. James C. Nyemah is the first grandchild of Ma Phebe of Gbiso, a great woman of God known for prayers and miracles in Maryland County, Liberia.  He is the founder and Senior Pastor of Africa Faith Expressions, a church that touches the African community in Arizona. He is the first Liberian pastor to open a church in Phoenix, Arizona.  We are also grateful to God to announce that he is the first African immigrant to publish a book in Arizona - USA.  Here, some call him Brother James or Pastor James; either way, it is the same guy. He is a community man. 

 During the rape case of an 8-year old Liberian girl who was molested by three boys in 2009, a story that made national and international headlines, Pastor James stood up and advocated for the family of the victim and his community. 

 From 2005 – 2009, his church was greatly involved in the integration process of the West African refugees. He worked with humanitarian agencies in the Valley like the International Rescue Committee and Catholic Charities to help his people.  In 2005, Bro. James received his first degree, a BA in Biblical and Christian Studies with emphasis in Inter-Cultural Ministry, from Grand Canyon University. He has a distinct calling from God directing his life. 

In Arizona, he uses sports in evangelism to touch lives. He loves young people.  Thanks to Rev. Nyemah, today the African community uses Cactus Park on the weekends for sports and pass-time. In 2008, he made his first missionary journey to Liberia, West Africa, and started three churches in rural Liberia. He has a heart for missions. Since 2011, he has conducted several leadership conferences for pastors and community leaders all over Liberia, touching 500 to 1000 pastors at a time, teaching God’s word and biblical leadership. You can be a part of this today.

 Rev. James’s organization, Missions Liberia (ml), www.missionsliberia.org is known for leadership training and community development. He believes good leadership and community empowerment is the best way for Liberia to move forward. He is working on other projects for education, micro-finance, sports, youth empowerment, and childcare programs to help rebuild Liberia. 

 Rev. James Nyemah and his wife, Lucy, live in Glendale, Arizona.  Their daughter, Precious, is a freshman at the University of Arizona in Tucson.  Watch out for his next book: “Born to Take Charge” a piece on purpose and leadership to live a fulfilled life. 


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