Janet Fouts

I founded this business to help people understand this thing called social media and how to work with it instead of against it.

I call myself a  “social media coach” because I coach you through the early steps of getting to know the tools and the playing field, and then to excel at communicating your message online –building conversations around it that are sustainable.

My web design and coding teams at  Tatu Digital Media can help you set up the tools you need and put them in an appealing package, but we’ve found that building it is not enough. You need to understand how best to use these tools to communicate and create lasting relationships. That’s where I come in. I help you see how to use the tools in the most effective way and build a strategy that leads to success.

Whether you’re just getting your feet wet in the social media pool, or you’re in the deep end already and you need to keep on top of the newest information, I’m your resource.

Now for the dry details.
I have been involved in online community for over 13 years. I co-founded ONTHERAIL, an award winning online community for the restaurant industry and have continually been involved in online community ever since. I am an active participant in San Francisco Women on the Web (Director 2000-2001), Women in Technology, Silicon Valley American Marketing Association, Green & Sustainability Innovators & Innovation Network, and the Social Media Club as well as several industry groups.

My expertise ranges from content creation, WordPress modification, coding and web project management to social media coaching  and  social media strategy development.

I am  senior partner at Tatu Digital Media, a San Jose, Ca. web design and development firm, producing blogs,  websites, product demonstrations and e-learning modules for online delivery.

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