Jeannie Keneley

Jeannie Keneley has enjoyed an entrepreneurial career spanning more than 20 years in the Interior Design field. Over her career, Jeannie has built and sold four small businesses, counting several nationwide corporations as well as residential homeowners among her clients. Jeannie's commitment to professionalism, integrity, and her community has earned her the reputation of being a sought-after designer, and trusted businessperson. In spite of her success in the business world, the happiness of a successful and fulfilling marriage eluded Jeannie for many years. It was through this personal journey that she calls the "dark night of my soul" which included three destructive marriages and divorces that Jeannie finally came to the end of herself and found her answers in the arms of her Creator. Jeannie now is a full-time Christian author and speaker with a passionate heart for the hurting, and an encouraging message for anyone that finds themselves lonely and lost in the process of life.

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