Jessica De La Davies

Jessica de la Davies, Donald Trump & Anderson Cooper-OMG!
Rumor has it that Jessica de la Davies was blown into New York City by a hurricane a decade ago.  She lived in the gutters of the city.  She began her first novel by writing it on a sidewalk outside Starbucks with a lipstick she found on the ground.  Allegedly Donald Trump fell over de la Davies as he entered Starbucks for his daily cup of Mocca Lotta Coffee Fendi. 
Jessica de la Davies began entering pageants and never looked back.  She is a former Mrs. Arizona and Ms. USA.  Her talent was ballet.
From there, she began writing for a variety of publications and garnered steady work as an Art Reviewer. 
She wrote Slippery When Wet! while working her day job.  She disappeared a year ago.  This bio and her book, Slippery When Wet!, were found on a bench in Central Park.  It is said that she ran off with-no not that HOTTIE Anderson Cooper-but with Mr. Clean.
Her hobby is lint!

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