John Hachmann

John Hachmann was born in Laredo, Texas but lived a great part of his life in San Antonio, Texas. From an early age he loved music. When he received his first guitar, he started learning songs. In 1962 he wrote and sang a semi-hit song. From that moment on he spent his energy writing country and western songs and playing in various bands.

He lived in Denver a while but finally settled in College Station, Texas. He moved to Austin, Texas 8 years ago with his wife of 36 years and loves it.

Last year he dabbled in poetry and actually won an honorable mention in the national contest with one of his poems.

About three years ago he started to become interested in writing. One day he just started writing a love/war story on his computer. The words came easy and he really enjoyed writing the first book, "The Tears of Destiny".

When he finished the book, he decided right then and there that he should become an author. He really enjoys writing fiction books as an escape for himself; however, if he can bring pleasure and enjoyment to someone else in his writings, it would make him very happy.

His second book, "The Dark Water Murders" is a 360 page murder mystery with quite a few twists. There will be a book two and he has included the first chapter of book two in the end of book one.


His third book, “Journey into Peril” is a 358 page epic adventure about the struggles that pioneers faced in 1868 traveling across the United States in wagon trains. As in previous books, he included the first chapter of the sequel to this book, at the end of the book.


His forth book is the sequel to The Dark Water Murders and is titled Death Returns to Paradise. A vicious killer once again invades a peaceful community in upstate New York

To come are novels about the Civil War and the ‘old south’, and a modern day love story set close to Martha’s Vineyard.

He hopes he can send people into the world of make believe and help them to escape the everyday strains of life. If he can do that then he feels that he has accomplished something.

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