Joyce White

About the Book If you are happy, you will enjoy my books and ebooks. If not, you need them They are filled with inspirational poems, pictures of my art work, and activities for getting acquainted with your inner artist. Visit Sculpting the Heart Book Reviewer, Joyce White at, and htttp://
About the Author By the time I was forty, chronic depression had left me without a job, friends or family for emotional support. Depression had left me too ill to work, so I took a few classes in college. Clay opened up new avenues of joy and poetry gave me a way to turn my depression into inspirational writing and art to help myself as well as others. I, at last, had purpose in my life when I began writing and making art. The last ten years I've been on a journey out of my own isolation and back into the world again. My paperback has over 50 full-color images of my art. I've been accumulating wonderful friends on the web. Let me introduce them to you. Come visit my websites for music, poetry, meditation videos, fun and profit. Buy my books for stocking stuffers and gifts for those you love!!! Joyce White

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