Karen Monteverdi

Owner, Program Director & Resident Professional Coach of
GreenMountain Enrichment and Empowerment Center (GEEC)
Transformational Life Coaching Business
Illuminating The Dark Corners Of Your Bright Ideas™
Karen Monteverdi, CPC AKA GOTOCOACH: Expertise in Conscious Living, Complementary Care: Intentional Breathing, Guided Visualization, Body Intelligence, Perspective Check, Reality Check, Manifestation Imagery & Life Coaching
Author: Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society

Beginning in 1991, Karen started on her personal growth journey. Today with the classes, workshops, seminars, educational programs and the International Coaching Academy (ICA) Karen has integrated all the information into a series of pre designed modules, and customized coaching sessions. Karen achieved her certification in coaching at ICA. This international learning environment created a diversity and freedom, opening up the boundaries of the world.

"Introspective work is not just for problems, we help you think outside the box." says Karen.

Karen's training has incorporated bodywork, biology, physics, quantum physics, meditation, centered relaxation, exploration of beliefs and operational codes to promote health, aliveness, empowerment and balance in life. Karen uses conscious awareness, body awareness, emotional intelligence, energy awareness, and spiritual cohesion to assist her clients in getting what they need. As we awaken, we see the simplicity of life.

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