Karris Callahan

Karris Callahan grew up in the cornfields of Indiana where her childhood imagination took her on many adventures. The youngest of four children she had an active imagination and found that the best stories were often created in play.

A school assignment in creative writing revealed to her a love for writing and following that came the idea for her first book, The Guardian. After putting her first ideas for the book to paper she set it aside, and later picked it up again in her senior year of high-school, where she then spent the next two years seeing the dream of her book come to completion.

After graduating high school Karris spent three months overseas in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Having studied for her TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification she worked with an organization that rescued girls who were sold and forced into child prostitution. While in Thailand, Karris divided her time between teaching English to the rescued girls and teaching dance to the orphaned children in a prevention care program.  She loved every moment she spent with the precious girls that she taught.

Karris now lives in the small town of North Webster, IN. Where her first job in high-school was at a library. Not only did Karris enjoy the close knit community of the staff,  but she enjoyed being surrounded by thousands of books and helping pass those stories on to people who would find enjoyment in them. She worked there for over three years before leaving to pursue her writing.

In her free time Karris is actively involved with the youth of her community. Being a passionate person she recognizes the potential in youth and the many dreams that they have, she desires to see them find their purpose in life and risk following those dreams.

Her hobbies are dance, ice skating, scrap-booking and, of course, reading.

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