Kathe Gogolewski

Kathe the author of three books, numerous short stories and poems, including TATO, a fantasy adventure for children ages 8 to 13 available at www.tri-studio.com, as well as two books written under her pen name, Ann Durand: A Promise to Keep, a romantic suspense and Flight of the Gryphon, a sci-fi/romance, both of which are available at www.double-dragon-ebooks.

She is published in two anthologies, including The Muse on Writing, available from Double Dragon Publishing and Spiritual Visitations, due from Zumaya Publications.  She has published several shorts with Amazon Shorts at www.amazon.com and has won several awards, including the Golden Wings Award from Wings Press. Kathe is also writer for for Ranch and Coast, San Diego's Lifestyle Magazine. Along with her husband/editor/writer, Ray, she publishes an ezine for writers, The Fiction Flyer, available at http://tri-studio.com/ezine.html

She is also the host of The Mother Daughter Club radio show, a segment of By For and About Women Radio Network at www.themotherdaughterclub.com. The show celebrates the family of women and addresses all topics through the language of the heart.

As an artist, she designs illustrations and cover art for authors. She also painted two wall-sized murals at Children’s Hospital in San Diego and several more for Cassidy Medical Group in Vista, California.

As a retired teacher, she currently teaches science and writing to fourth and fifth graders as a volunteer at the elementary school near their home and works as a volunteer at Casa De Amparo, a facility that houses children who become wards of the state.


You may find out more about Kathe and her books at http://www.TRI-Studio.com.

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