Kathy DiSanto

I am a novelist. Also an infrequent poet. Most days, I would rather write than eat. I got my feet wet penning romances for Bantam Loveswept back in 1997. I published two books with them—one of which, FOR LOVE OR MONEY, won a 1997 Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award—then life got complicated (for a very long time), and things changed, including my preferred genre. I recently self-published two futuristic thrillers. AMANDA'S EYES is a tale of murder and mayhem with a dash of “there are more things under heaven, Horatio.” WHY LIVE? is two parts futuristic thriller, one part love story. I am currently working on the sequel to AMANDA'S EYES, a journey into murder and mind control called MIND GAMES. Thanks to my day job as a communications specialist with a major university, I've written more than one hundred features for print and the web. I'm a member of Independent Author Network, the Independent Author Index, the Indie Writers’ Network, World Literary Cafe, and the International Association of Business Communicators.

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