Kevin G Hare

I want to be a writer when I grow up. That's an interesting statement because at the time of this profile writing, I am 46. I've had many jobs and developed a few skills over the years but I was never really happy at any of them because, it never cemented into my psyche until recently, I am a writer. It's the one thing, the one skill I have refined and worked at the longest and I still love doing it.

So, as of 2017, I am dedicating everything I am to be what makes me happy. I am a writer.

I wrote my first book in 2007 (Anderoth’s Dragon) and that was after trying to understand the craft through poetry and short stories. It took some time to write that first one and it was little more than a series of events playing out till the end. I didn’t understand the fundamentals like the three act structure or the 8 point story arc or backstory, character development. There was just a lot I still didn’t understand. But I learned some of it and rewrote the book, then rewrote it again. It still wasn’t up to par.

And I'm rewriting it again after ten years... I've included a full story on that process on my website,

I'd love to share stories and information on the writing process and what it means to different folks and I look forward to writing and seeing some great stuff!

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