Khyiah Angel

Khyiah is an Australian Author living in Sydney, New South Wales. She began her career as a teacher before moving on to other things. She worked for a Teacher’s Union and then the Australian Federal Government as a Senior Education Advisor in the Cybersafety Unit.

All along she yearned to write, but apart from Education articles and research papers, didn’t really get the opportunity. Life got in the way, as it often does. One day she woke up, got dressed, and was waiting at the bus stop to go to work, as she did every day, when suddenly, she had an epiphany: she was halfway through her life and had yet to realise her dream. Upon her arrival at work that day, she quit her job, put her house up for sale, and wrote. Just wrote. The result is her first novelFake Profile, about social media and cyberbullying. Fake Profile was awarded an Australian Society of Authors Mentorship in 2010 and has recently been released as an ebook.

Khyiah is nearly finished her second novel, a Young Adult Crime Fiction, and also blogs at City Observationist.

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