Kimberly Beverly

My name is Kim Beverly and I am a new author that is very excited about my first book, "If Loving Two Is Wrong..." I am a Philadelphia native and I enjoy writing, whether it be a novel, songs or poems. I have a degree in Journalism from Penn State University. My musical roots include Frankie Beverly of Maze. Frankie has definitely been large influence because he is a product of what hard work and belief in your talent can net! My parents and family have always stood by me and that is a blessing when embarking on the journey of writing, publishing and marketing your book. I draw upon my various work experiences to help bring some validity to situations that I put in my books. I have had experience in law enforcement, social  work, military, in other words, if you can name it; I've probably tried it, with many exceptions of course! I have received good reviews on the book so far, folks are even asking about a sequel. I hope I have found a home in being an author that provokes thought as well as entertains!

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