Lady J

Lady J, was selected by the Council of Elders of Puppy World and Captain Bootsie ear & His Fearless Crew to recount their adventures on Planet Earth and Beyond. She was bestowed the official title “Lady J”, Official Grand Katib.

In the time of the dinosaurs, she has worked with disabled children and adults, abandoned animals both domestic and wild. Finding homes, helping cure the sick and re-introducing wild animals into their natural habitat when possible.

A mother and educator, she lives behind the keyboard recounting the adventures of these time travellers and says, “Writing for this crew is the most wonderful job I could have!”

Her peaceful existence came to an end when walking through the woods one day - she came upon a strange spacecraft, four talking dogs and a magical cat. They informed her that she had been chosen to recount their adventures. Since then they have been appointed Ambassadors to Italy or World Animal Day.

She lives in Italy, which is now the Earth Base for her space travellers,  with her husband Abel and  of course her  companions, Captain Bootsie Bear and His Fearless  Crew. She says.. "life has ever been the same, but that's the fun of adventure! "

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