Lauren Tisdale

If you had asked me five years ago, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" I can guarantee I would have never said, "I'll be a writer..." It was never something that I thought was for me. I never thought I was any good at it, or that I would ever have the patience to write a whole book. I found I had a knack for it in 2012 and went with it. With tons of support from family and friends, I began to write my novel in November 2012 for NaNoWrMo. The goal is to get fifty thousand words in a month from Nov 1 to 30th. I started late and I am the worst procrastinator ever, but somehow I finished early and hit sixty thousand words by the end of it. I took a break for the holidays since I hit that lovely writer block for the ending, then came back with fresh eyes and continued. By March 2013, I was completely finished. Now, it is in the process of being edited for publication by Secret Cravings publishing. I have four other works in progress and plan to continue to write as long as my brain gives me ideas.

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